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Customizable epoxy flooring kits for home and commercial use. Our coatings and paints are excellent for any concrete surface, We now have Urethane Clearcoat kits available for sale.
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Our Garage Floor coating can now be purchased on-line!
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Thank you for visiting The Original Color Chips floor coating company web site. We are offering you some of the best and creative garage floor coating systems on the market today! Our floor coating kits can virtually be used anywhere to bring creativity and life to a space. Typically, our epoxy floor coatings are most often used as garage floor paint due to its durability & popularity but it also works great on Laundry Room Floors, Basements, Shop Floors, Showrooms, Restaurants, Concrete Slabs, Kennels, Bars, Pole Barns, Clubs, Interior Floors and Wooden Car Trailers. Just follow the simple 4-step process to create a custom floor finish that resists oil, dirt, water, grease and other contaminants.

• Low Odor • Self Priming • Quick Drying • Water Resistant
• Roller Applied • Economical • Long Lasting • Chemical Resistant

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 1-800-227-8479. We also have our epoxy floor coating video tutorials available to help you through the process.
[ Click here for epoxy garage photos ]

2008 Specials Charcoal & Wheat Kits Of The Month Specials 2-4 Day Shipping Continental U.S Only Deluxe Epoxy Floor Coating Upgrade Kit

We have added 4 new epoxy basecoat colors! Now you have 12 floor paint coating colors to choose from. Giving you even more flexibility to create that custom garage floor that you have always wanted!

garage floor coatings

We would love to be able to sell our epoxy garage floor coatings and paints to everyone but some concrete surfaces are not suitable for any type of paint or coating. So before you spend your money on any epoxy coating or paint please view our Helpful Hints section first. Read & watch our video tutorial; how to PERFORM A MOISTURE TEST.

Buy our concrete paints now Kit Includes:

Etch n' Clean / 1 Gallon 
Colored Epoxy Basecoat Kit
Clear Epoxy Top Coat Kit
Color Chip Flakes/ 1 Bag
1 Car Garage Floor Kit
Buy our garage floor paint now Kit Includes:

Etch n' Clean / 1 Gallon
Colored Epoxy Basecoat 2 Kits
Clear Epoxy Top Coat 2 Kits
Color Chip Flakes/ 2 bags
2 Car Garage Floor Kit
Buy our garage floor paint now Kit Includes:

Etch n' Clean / 2 Gallons
Colored Epoxy Basecoat 3 Kits
Clear Epoxy Top Coat 3 Kits
Color Chip Flakes/ 3 Bags
3 Car Garage Floor Kit
[ Chip Colors ] [ Product Price List ]             Thank You For Visiting !                 Order today! Toll Free at 1-800-227-8479

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Get your completely customizable Epoxy Garage Flooring Kit for less than 0.60 cents per square foot!

Metallix - 100% Solids Pearlescent Metallic Epoxy Floor Coatings

Metallix - Mutiple Color Combination ExamplesWhat is Metallix -100% Solids Pearlescent Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating?

Metallix floor coating is a 100% solids, two component epoxy. It is a special formulated epoxy with a metallic pigment. It is roller or squeegee applied to your floor. The finished look is a smooth, glass like finish that has a unique and subtle sparkle. No two floors will ever look the same. There are endless creative techniques that can be used to create a style that you can call your own.

In these four examples to the left; you can choose from any of our 21 Metallix effects colors. You can create numerous type of color combinations as listed below:

Two-Tone Effect
a two-tone metallic effect which is the basecoat color plus a single Metallix effect color on top.

Same Color Effect
A same color effect can be achieved by using the same color Metallix basecoat and Metallix effect.

Two Color Effect
Two color effects are achieved by using a Metallix basecoat with two different metallix effects colors on top.

We limit the maximum number or Metallix effects colors in our store to three. We've tested that any more than three colors become too busy and muddy. We recommend only using two colors but if you would like a third, it is available. More info at out www.puremetallic.com website.


We've developed our epoxy garage floor coating paint with our customers in mind. For both the professionals and do-it-yourselfers, we have 12 epoxy basecoat colors to choose from! We also have over 30 decorative color chip flake colors; making it possible to create the look that you desire.

What some of our past customers had to say about our epoxy garage flooring kits!

Before and after
I recently ordered your product and I'm happy to report that I could not be more pleased with it. Part of my garage makeover project was a better looking garage floor and your product did exactly what it was advertised to do. My friends and neighbors are begging me to do theirs now! I've attached a couple of pics of my garage project that show my new floor. Thanks for a wonderful product and for all of the great customer service that I received before during and after I placed my order. Everyone on your staff were very easy to talk to and very eager to help.

It may not be the case nation-wide but customer service is alive and kicking in Warren, Michigan!

T. Abell - Mount Juliet, TN
  Before and after
I had several questions in which all were answered completely and honestly! 100% Satisfied!

J. Barr - Tampa, FL

Dear Color Chips,

I own a small painting company dedicated to customers with high end work in mind, I have used your color chips garage floor coatings on homes owned by members of the Dallas Cowboys, and I have extreme confidence in your products. I have time, and time again recommended your epoxy floor paint products to other professionals in the area. I would qualify your product as top of the line and I use no others. Thanks for providing me with a great product to offer my customers.

Sincerely, G. Munoz
GM Painting

Before and after Hello,

This is a 1958 garage newly updated with your paint system. The results are great! You have a good website and service was outstanding. I am overjoyed! Thanks and keep up the great work.

Sincerely, L. Hurdle

Holly Springs, Mississippi
Before and after garage photosDear Color Chips,

I wanted to put an epoxy color coating on my concrete garage floor for a more finished look, so I bought a kit that came with blue & white color chips. I couldn't find any other kits with different colors that would match my garage better so I found your website while searching on the internet & ordered the colors I wanted. The color chips make the finish look more like a professional job even though I did it myself. Also my concrete floor is far from level, it has many flaws & the chips really help hide all the imperfections. I am very happy with the end result.

Sincerely, Cheryl D.

Bucyrus, Ohio

Garage Urethane Clearcoat

If you are a paint store or an independent contractor interested in contractor pricing, you may qualify! Contact us by phone at 586-771-6500 or Toll Free at 1-800-227-8479. Thanks!

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